A simple library for IRC bots. No longer under active development; see https://git.nickolas360.com/nickolas360/pyrcb2 instead.
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Version 1.14.5

NOTE: Development has moved to pyrcb2. pyrcb is no longer under active development, except for bug fixes.

pyrcb is a simple, self-contained, extendable library for building IRC bots. It isn’t a full implementation of IRC, but rather provides everything needed to easily create bots.

To use pyrcb, just drop pyrcb.py into your project. Make sure you include a copy of the LGPL as well as the GPL, since the LGPL is a set of additional permissions on top of the GPL.

pyrcb is compatible with Python 2.7 and Python 3.1 or higher. SSL/TLS support requires at least Python 2.7.9 or Python 3.2.


Documentation for pyrcb is available at https://pyrcb.readthedocs.io/. If you’re new to pyrcb, start with this guide and take a look at the examples.

The current version of pyrcb is 1.14.5, which was released on 2017-03-21. See the changelog for more information.


See tests/README.md.


pyrcb is licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License, version 3 or later, except for some parts released under other compatible licenses. See the full license notice.