An IRC bot that runs shell commands
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Version 0.2.24

shellbot is an IRC bot that runs shell commands. For example,

<irc-user> !$ cowsay moo
<shellbot>  _____
<shellbot> < moo >
<shellbot>  -----
<shellbot>         \   ^__^
<shellbot>          \  (oo)\_______
<shellbot>             (__)\       )\/\
<shellbot>                 ||----w |
<shellbot>                 ||     ||

To run a command with shellbot, prefix your command with !$ (and a space). /msg shellbot help for more information.

shellbot should work on any Unix-like operating system. See shellbot --help for information on how to run it.

Because shellbot runs any command it receives, it has the potential to cause serious damage. It is highly recommended that you create a new user with limited permissions and run shellbot as that user. Anything that user can run, shellbot can run as well.

By default, IRC users can kill shellbot by running !$ kill <shellbot-proc>. To prevent this, start shellbot as root and add the option -u <shellbot-user>.

Warning: If not done properly, running shellbot can be dangerous! You should set (among other precautions) process limits to avoid fork bombs. Be aware that users can start long-running processes with calls to setsid() or setpgrp().

What’s new

Version 0.2.18-0.2.24:

  • Updated pyrcb.

Version 0.2.17:

  • Fixed syntax errors with older version of Python.

Version 0.2.16:

  • Fixed possible Unicode issues.

Version 0.2.x:

  • Fixed an issue with the --path option.
  • Fixed a bug where invalid characters in command output could crash shelldon.
  • Fixed an issue with command timeouts that allowed processes to take up too much time.
  • Freezes/crashes no longer occur when running commands with largs amounts of output (such as yes).
  • Long lines are now split into multiple IRC messages to avoid truncation.
  • Times are now shown next to all logged events.