Automatic IRC voicing based on activity.
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Version 0.1.1

voicebot automatically voices and devoices users in an IRC channel based on activity. Users can see who’s been active recently simply by looking at which users are voiced.

See ./ --help for information on running voicebot.

Adding/removing users

Users need to be in voicebot’s lists of nicknames or NickServ accounts to be voiced when active. There are multiple ways to add users:

  • Send commands to voicebot through the command-line while it’s running. Type “help” to see a list of commands.
  • Send commands to voicebot through IRC. If you’re a channel operator and present in the channel, you can send “<nickname-of-voicebot>: <command>“ in the channel, or message voicebot directly with “<command>”. Allowed commands are add-nickname, add-account, remove-nickname, and remove-account. The syntax is the same as it is through the command-line.
  • Edit the files nicknames and accounts and restart voicebot (see the “Data files” section).

Data files

voicebot stores data in a number of files (in the same directory as the executable):

  • nicknames contains a list of nicknames that will be managed. Users with these nicknames will be voiced when active.
  • accounts contains a list of NickServ accounts that will be managed. Users logged into these accounts will be voiced when active.
  • voicebot-data stores how recently users have been active.

What’s new

Version 0.1.1:

  • Users are now voiced when joining if they have been active recently.